The Seafarer – 2010

by Conor McPherson
Director: Andrew Flynn

Cast includes Frankie McCafferty, Garret Keogh, Robert O’Mahoney and Paul Roe.

“Drink yourself up on to the next shelf in the basement. Drink to where possibility feels infinite and your immortality feels strong”

It’s Christmas Eve and Sharky has returned to Dublin to look after his irascible, ageing brother who’s recently gone blind. Old drinking buddies Ivan and Nicky are holed up at the house too, hoping to play some cards. With the arrival of a stranger from the distant past, the stakes are raised ever higher. In fact, Sharky may be playing for his very soul…

In the midst of this eerie, darkly humorous tale, celebrated playwright Conor McPherson celebrates the tender story of a family and examines how we face the demons of our past as we struggle to find redemption. So, pull up a chair alongside Sharky, Nicky, Ivan and co and enjoy a great story, well told.

The Seafarer has wowed audiences’ internationally winning Olivier and Tony awards and voted one of the top plays of the last decade in the Sunday Times Critics Choice.