The Dead School – 08

Written by Pat McCabe
Directed by Padraic McIntyre
Raphael Bell, the old-sytle national school teacher whose life is haunted by images and memories from his past, has devoted his life to upholding the school’s rigorous core curriculum.  By the late 1960’s, however, parents and students have begun to question Bell’s inflexibility on such issues as corporal punishment and mandatory school prayer.  Bell attributes all such criticism to the baleful influence of television, rock music and American movies.  His rage finallu finds focus in Malachy Dudgeon, a first-year teacher who seems to embody all the worst features of the counterculture.  The two are soon locked in a power struggle that can only end in disaster

Nomad venues Autumn 2008
Dublin Theatre Festival 2009
Tricycle Theatre Spring 2010

Promo Photos

First Reading

Rehearsals for the Nomad production in association with Livin Dred Theatre Company of The Dead School by Patrick McCabe which opens at Backstage Theatre, Longford, Nov 5 before going on tour.
Photo Brian Farrell 29/9/2008