Bailegangaire’s director Padraic McIntyre on Tom Murphy: “Maybe it was the culchies in us.”

Padraic McIntyre recently wrote about his history with Tom Murphy on the Civic Theatre’s blog:

“Some years ago I had the privilege of directing ‘Conversations on a Homecoming’, by Tom Murphy for NOMAD/Livin Dred and sat with Tom in his study discussing the play. My Theatrical hero, my playwriting idol, sitting before me. And Tom like his plays didn’t disappoint. He was funny, witty, intelligent, sharp, abrasive, contrary and very very generous.

A couple of years later I was invited to be assistant director on Tom’s new play ‘The Last Days of A Reluctant Tyrant’, at The Abbey Theatre. I had the pleasure of spending a lot of time in Tom’s presence and working closely with him and we got on extremely well.  Maybe it was the culchies in us.”

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