Tom Murphy's Bailegangaire cast: Clare Monelly (Mary), Joan Sheehy (Mommo) and Maeve Fitzgerald (Dolly). Directed by Padraic McIntyre for Nomad Theatre Network in association with Livin' Dred Theatre Company.

“Let ye be settling now, my fondlings, and I will be giving ye a nice story tonight when I finish this.  For isn’t it a good one?”

This is a major new touring production of Bailegangaire, first performed by Druid Theatre 
Company in 1985.

Directed by Padraic MacIntyre, “Tom Murphy’s extraordinary play” (Peter
 Crawley, Irish Times), centres around Mommo, who tells over and over again a story she never 
finishes of how the town came to be known as Bailegangaire, the town without laughter.

Mommo is attended by her two granddaughters, Mary and Dolly. The younger women yearn 
to be free of the past in order to make a new beginning, and Mary comes to believe that 
to do so the story of Bailegangaire has to be concluded.

“In Mommo, Tom Murphy has created one of the greatest female characters of twentieth-century Irish literature.”

“I’d place it in the same league as Brian Friel’s masterpiece, Faith Healer.” The Telegraph


Joan Sheehy – Mommo

Clare Monnelly – Mary

Maeve Fitzgerald – Dolly


Paraic MacIntyre

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